My Team, Our Team, Your Team

My Team, Our Team, Your Team

 It has been a whirlwind since I joined the HFS Wealth Advisors Team back in January.  I am looking out my office window and I cannot believe it is July.  Where did the time go?

For you regular readers of HFS Headlines you are used to seeing valuable tips on topics like managing risk, tax changes, retirement, college planning, etc.  Down the road, you will likely see the same type of posts from me as well.  Now, however, I thought I would take a slightly different approach to my first post.

Coming to the HFS team after 20 years in retail banking has been a big learning curve for me from a job knowledge standpoint.  In preparation of my licensing, there have been countless hours of studying manuals, files and terminology.  When I feel like I cannot possibly cram one more thing into my brain, I try to take a step back and go to my “comfort zone” and remember the reason I joined the HFS team in the first place.

I joined HFS to feed my passion for helping people achieve their goals.  This is the one common theme I find when I look back at the different jobs I have had during my career.  People have always been at the forefront regardless of the industry.

I am currently reading a book by Scott West and Mitch Anthony called “Your Client’s Story.”  One of its main premises is that everyone has a story to tell and the most successful client advisors are naturally curious individuals who ask thought provoking questions and then really listen to what the other person says.  That really hit home for me because I feel that describes me and it is also one of the things that attracted me to HFS in the first place.

Long before I ever considered joining the HFS team as a client advisor, I was a client.  For eight years I was able to experience first-hand the passion the team had for helping clients achieve their goals.  In my case, the primary goals were putting three children through college and still being able to save for retirement.   Eight years in and I am happy to say that I feel confident I am on track for both.

Life has a funny way of laying opportunities out in front of you that you would never imagine.  A year ago I would have never thought I would make a career change like this at this point in my life.  Looking out my office window, however, it now makes perfect sense.  “My team” that helped me achieve goals as a client has now become “our team” as I look at the talented group of individuals that put their heart and soul into what they do every day.

So I told a little bit of my story to make this final point to you:   Whether you are a long time client, someone who has just joined us or you are looking for an advisor that will ask the right questions and work with you to put the right plan in place for you and your family it is my sincere hope that you will look at HFS Wealth Advisors as “your team.”


Written by:  Jeff Swindell