Don’t Rock the Boat!

Don’t rock the boat!

Just as a boat sails through the open seas when all four corners of the boat are balanced equally in the water, your overall health allows you to sail through the journey of life when all four pillars are properly balanced.

4 pillars of health:

  • Physical/Mental
  • Work/Activities
  • Family/Friends
  • Finances

 Suppose I said to you that…

Balancing the 4 pillars in the lives of each of your employees allows your company’s boat to sail through the open seas. This keeps individuals fresh, focused, and also creates an overall improvement in their well-being. When employees are feeling at the top of their game, then they are not distracted by handling personal items on company time.

Think of taking the time to take care of your employees, and all four pillars of health as “filling up the gas tank in your boat….with a full tank of gas your business can sail any place that you want to go on your journey.”

Caring for your health is done by trusting the team around you to know when to assist in balancing your boat, as well as to help you plan for the journey ahead.


Life purpose….well-being


Written by:   Justin Hamlin, Associate Client Advisor, CFP

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