Financial Professionals

Financial Professionals

Financial professionals have an important task in the lives of their clients. We must take our role seriously and be able to connect, encourage, and guide our clients through a broad range of life stages. Our decisions influence both clients and their loved ones.

As a financial professional, you understand this. If you would like to have more time available for client relationships, HFS Wealth Advisors is dedicated to helping you do what you do best – grow your financial services business. We take care of the day-to-day complexities and worries of the business so you can work on what is most important to you – building relationships and profitably growing your business. We provide the infrastructure support you need to take your business to the next level.

We do this by providing the following resources to our advisory team:

  • Professional asset management
  • Operational and administrative support
  • Client services to schedule appointments and prepare for client meetings
  • Infrastructure support including office space, technology, and OSJ supervisor oversight
  • Continuity and succession planning

Just as you help clients plan for retirement and the future of their loved ones, you need to plan for your own family by creating a succession and continuity plan. At HFS Wealth Advisors, we recognize that succession and continuity are among the biggest concerns facing advisors today. We can help you develop a customized transition strategy to protect the interests of your clients, associates, and family.

HFS Wealth Advisors operates in a modified ensemble operating model. We provide the best of both by offering a team-based approach to client relationship building and servicing while still allowing the advisor to retain control over their individual book of business. In addition, senior advisors can choose the path of partner and participate in the growth of a larger organization. A key component of our model is to provide you with both a continuity plan and a defined, funded succession plan. You have the peace of mind of building a business knowing what your career plan is and how you will exit the business in the future.

Our Philosophy of caring for our clients’ lifestyles, loved ones, and legacies means it is also essential to structure our business so it best suits their needs.

We strive to build relationships that are advice-focused, educational, informative, and YOU-centered. To best serve our clients, we have chosen a broker-dealer that allows us to make independent decisions free from any affiliations or quotas. We use Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. (Cambridge), and through them we have the opportunity to offer a broad range of investment products, stay on top of the latest federal regulations, and access their abundance of wealth-building resources. For more information about Cambridge, visit and the Cambridge YouTube Channel.

If you are a financial professional who is interested in growing your business or creating a continuity and succession plan with HFS Wealth Advisors, we invite you to contact us today.

Please note that information contained at these two sites is intended for investment professionals only.